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Posted by MSPToons - November 12th, 2013



Updated version here.

Posted by MSPToons - September 15th, 2013

As the title states, I wrote a story: "The Chasm". I've done this in the past, the first being an essay back in high school. They other two I've written can be found below:
Let Us Go into the House of the Lord
Here I Am

These can be hefty, especially "The Chasm" at a whopping 19 pages single-spaced, but they should be worth your time if you have any.

I Wrote a Story

Posted by MSPToons - August 31st, 2013

I know I've been pretty quiet lately (or always, I guess...), but Elmer the Eccentric volume 2 begins today! Updates will tentatively be every Saturday, and I say tentatively because college may not allow me to keep up with that schedule. If that happens, then be patient, because updates will come eventually even if they are delayed.
Unfortunately, I've recently realized that my passion is really in comics, not animation, so I will not be animating very much. This doesn't mean that I'll stop all together, it just means that animations will very few and far between (not that it's any different from the past year anyway). This does, however, mean that I can devote myself to the comic, which is much more consistent and easy to produce compared to thirty second shorts with little substance.
In other news, Shaggy's gaming channel picked up quite a bit of steam over the summer, but it has slowed down again due to school, so there may not be very many new videos there for a while. Go support him and give him game suggestions anyway. He'll like it.
In more other news, I drew Elmer as a Bulbasaur.

Elmer the Eccentric Chapter 2!

Posted by MSPToons - June 19th, 2013

Recently, I've stretched myself out waaaaay too thin with college, animations, commissions, games, and other personal commitments, but I actually managed to make something that can be seen: the start of a webcomic! I'm moving back into comics as my main artistic outlet since animating takes way too long and I don't have anywhere near as much experience with it. I'll still animate from time to time, and I still plan on hopefully finishing an Elmer the Eccentric toon before the end of the year. No promises, but I'll try.
The webcomic can be found here, and, yes, it is Elmer the Eccentric if you didn't notice. I figured that my main series should be what I work on most, and I'll get far more comics done than animations over time. Fret not, though, as animations will still come as sparse as they are, but comics will (hopefully) be more consistent.

In other news, Shaggy started a gaming channel (don't worry, it does suck by professional standards, just as you'd expect), but we're doing it simply to amuse ourselves. Like it or not, we really don't care. More videos will be up there eventually.

In more other news, in case anyone has ever actually cared what I look like, I'm not photogenic in any way, and I wish I could look as good as Mr. Bean does in his school photos.


Posted by MSPToons - May 24th, 2013

Fear not, my life functions have not ceased (I just suck at giving updates...).
I got through my first year of college (finally) just to go back starting this past week with a 10-week biology course (stupid decision -.-), so animation will be slow, as usual. I recently uploaded a major promotional poster for Elmer the Eccentric, so I guess go check that out if you feel like it.
In other news, I finally got the primary cast for Elmer the Eccentric worked out, and I'm just waiting on the lines before I start animating. Episode 1 will be released (hopefully) before the end of the year, depending on how bad my fall semester turns out to be. I plan on releasing a smaller animation beforehand, though, so maybe I'll get one uploaded before the end of June or July.
In more related yet other news, here's a random screenshot of the next animation set to release whenever I get it done. And yes, it is one of those fancy bunk bed-couch things that are really cool.

A Wild Update Appears!

Posted by MSPToons - April 8th, 2013

MSPToons is in need of voice actors! I would prefer them be committed to multiple animations, but I may be able to make due with anyone who's willing. I need both male and female voice actors, so, everyone who can or feels like it, PM me about it! The longer I have to search, the longer it will take for the next animation to be released! Sadly, though, I can't pay anyone with anything other than the joy of being involved...

In completely unrelated news, my bowels are fairly regular.

Voice Actors Ahoy!

Posted by MSPToons - December 27th, 2012

A very, very short boy, coming to a Newgrounds near you whenever the doctor lets me take it home with me.
(For those who are not able to catch on very quick, this means there is a new MSPToons short coming soon. This here is a screenshot. Whoo.)

It's a boy!

Posted by MSPToons - December 1st, 2012