2013-06-19 17:14:17 by MSPToons

Recently, I've stretched myself out waaaaay too thin with college, animations, commissions, games, and other personal commitments, but I actually managed to make something that can be seen: the start of a webcomic! I'm moving back into comics as my main artistic outlet since animating takes way too long and I don't have anywhere near as much experience with it. I'll still animate from time to time, and I still plan on hopefully finishing an Elmer the Eccentric toon before the end of the year. No promises, but I'll try.
The webcomic can be found here, and, yes, it is Elmer the Eccentric if you didn't notice. I figured that my main series should be what I work on most, and I'll get far more comics done than animations over time. Fret not, though, as animations will still come as sparse as they are, but comics will (hopefully) be more consistent.

In other news, Shaggy started a gaming channel (don't worry, it does suck by professional standards, just as you'd expect), but we're doing it simply to amuse ourselves. Like it or not, we really don't care. More videos will be up there eventually.

In more other news, in case anyone has ever actually cared what I look like, I'm not photogenic in any way, and I wish I could look as good as Mr. Bean does in his school photos.



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2013-06-20 21:15:40

u my gud sir are a wet patato

MSPToons responds:

Umm...Thank you?