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This is at least the third time you've uploaded this exact same flash to the portal. If it was blammed the first time, then you need to make major improvements if you plan on attempting to submit it again. If it's blammed a second time, then you obviously refused to put any amount of effort into improving anything, if at all. Tell me, why would something that was blammed once make it through the second time with no changes whatsoever, let alone the third time?
I get it. You made it for fun. Good for you. If it gets blammed here, then either put it on another site (i.e. YouTube since there's no judgement phase there) or leave it alone. Why beat a dead horse, especially when it revives as a zombie horse and starts beating you instead?
If you want feedback on a tiny side note like this or a test, please upload it to the Dump (the third button on the top of this site from the left of your username, it has a down arrow on it so you can't miss it) and post in the animation forum asking for critique and advice on how to make it better.
Taken from the Newgrounds Wiki (http://www.newgrounds.com/wiki/help-
information/terms-of-use/game-and-mov ie-guidelines):
"Do not re-submit your entry after it has been BLAMMED without making noticeable improvements."
If you refuse to improve it after it has been blammed the first time, let alone the second time, then stop uploading here. There's a reason Newgrounds has a user-based judgement system (even if it is horribly broken because of stat whores). Again, if you don't like it, put it somewhere else.

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Planet-Rike responds:

ok, i will plus we made this and 20 minutes and really didn`t care and i didn`t put back up. My friend did.

At first I thought this was going to be another chessey parody that wasn't any good and was poorly animated, but I have to say, it was very well done. To someone not really paying attention, the art could almost pass as an official episode, which is rare to find, especially on Newgrounds. The voice acting, in my opinion, was actually on par with the anime, maybe even a little better. Very well executed, and I really do hope you manage to find time to finish this.

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charmeleon21 responds:

Yeah, it all depends on how busy I'll be this year, and if the voice actors will all still be around willing to help. Otherwise, thanks for your 2 cents.

It's a great concept, but it does look a little too much like Eddsworld. There's nothing wrong with being inspired by someone, but it just seems to take something away from your own work when you make it too similar to another's work. Try to change the style a little so it doesn't seem like you're trying to mimick or tribute Eddsworld as much. I look forward to seeing more from you.

Megaman511again responds:

Like I said, I'm trying...

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This game is way more fun than it should be...I love the arena mode with every bit of customization. It's also nice to see a story unfold in Madness, and I can't wait for more! It may just be my computer, but the arena mode seems to lag when a wave is close to completion due to all the bodies and weapons lying around. All in all, though, great game and will definitely be playing it for a while.

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My favorite knight is now even more awesome!

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