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Elmer the Eccentric Chapter 2!

2013-08-31 16:50:59 by MSPToons

I know I've been pretty quiet lately (or always, I guess...), but Elmer the Eccentric volume 2 begins today! Updates will tentatively be every Saturday, and I say tentatively because college may not allow me to keep up with that schedule. If that happens, then be patient, because updates will come eventually even if they are delayed.
Unfortunately, I've recently realized that my passion is really in comics, not animation, so I will not be animating very much. This doesn't mean that I'll stop all together, it just means that animations will very few and far between (not that it's any different from the past year anyway). This does, however, mean that I can devote myself to the comic, which is much more consistent and easy to produce compared to thirty second shorts with little substance.
In other news, Shaggy's gaming channel picked up quite a bit of steam over the summer, but it has slowed down again due to school, so there may not be very many new videos there for a while. Go support him and give him game suggestions anyway. He'll like it.
In more other news, I drew Elmer as a Bulbasaur.

Elmer the Eccentric Chapter 2!


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