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A Wild Update Appears!

2013-05-24 18:08:17 by MSPToons

Fear not, my life functions have not ceased (I just suck at giving updates...).
I got through my first year of college (finally) just to go back starting this past week with a 10-week biology course (stupid decision -.-), so animation will be slow, as usual. I recently uploaded a major promotional poster for Elmer the Eccentric, so I guess go check that out if you feel like it.
In other news, I finally got the primary cast for Elmer the Eccentric worked out, and I'm just waiting on the lines before I start animating. Episode 1 will be released (hopefully) before the end of the year, depending on how bad my fall semester turns out to be. I plan on releasing a smaller animation beforehand, though, so maybe I'll get one uploaded before the end of June or July.
In more related yet other news, here's a random screenshot of the next animation set to release whenever I get it done. And yes, it is one of those fancy bunk bed-couch things that are really cool.

A Wild Update Appears!


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