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Voice Actors Ahoy!

4/8/13 by MSPToons

MSPToons is in need of voice actors! I would prefer them be committed to multiple animations, but I may be able to make due with anyone who's willing. I need both male and female voice actors, so, everyone who can or feels like it, PM me about it! The longer I have to search, the longer it will take for the next animation to be released! Sadly, though, I can't pay anyone with anything other than the joy of being involved...

In completely unrelated news, my bowels are fairly regular.

Voice Actors Ahoy!


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I sent you a PM with my demo reel. Hopefully it's what you're looking for :3



I would love to be given a chance to assist someone with the power of my voice. PM's and whatnot!

I'm in if your willing to give me a shot. I've got a small demo on my page.



Wild Eggplant Stew

I would also love to help! :3 PM me and we can talk about it.

I'd love to help o! PM me and we'll chitty chat-chat.

I'd love to help o! PM me and we'll chitty chat-chat.

I'd love to do some work for your cartoons! Just PM me your Skype or something and we'll be in business :3



Dear Sir MSPToons,

i would be glad to give you my very handsome voice for some of your equisite animations.
How shell we get into contact?

Sincerly, The Oposum.